Mr. Navneet Rastogi was working in retail since 2012. His life was going very smoothly, getting promotion time to time. But, due to COVID-19, he lost his job, his savings, but not his confidence. Whole year, he barely managed to survive with his little kid and wife. He tried hard to find a job but couldn’t get any positive response from anywhere.
I-CAN Atmanirbhar Bharat Prerak Navneet Rastogi tried his best to do something before his savings were gone. He decided that business was the best option, and to realise his dreams, he did a little research of the local market, understood what the requirements were and decided to do business on retail and wholesale level.
Now with his efforts, he has started both wholesale and retail businesses unde “Kids Collection” with his 12 years of experience in Badaun since 14th January 2021.