CoWin Warrior Vishal

Warrior Vishal Ghosh from Mallickpur, 24 Pgs South, West Bengal, got information about the needs of a family in the area through the I-CAN Portal. He immediately contacted the help seeker, Kazi Abdul Rahim and verified his need. Kazi’s family of 5 had run out of food with no money left to sustain themselves. Warrior Vishal then ensured delivery of ration and food essentials to the family.


Mr Alok singh, a local resident of Lucknow, reached out to an NGO under the I-CAN network, called SAMARTH and shared with them the concerns of Mr. Madan Chand Sahani’s family of three members, that Sahani’s son who is the only breadwinner of the family is completely bedridden due to a kidney ailment and he is on dialysis for weeks. SAMARTH understood the pain of the family and decided to provide needed support.. They had nothing to eat, so the SAMARTH team provided them with a dry ration kit having 5 kg wheat flour, 5 kg rice, 2.5 kg yellow lentil, 1 kg salt, and 200 ml of mustard oil. After getting ration they gave blessings to the NGOs volunteers with tears in their eyes.


SAMARTH (Society for Advancement of Resourceless by Training & Handholding), a local NGO working in Uttar Pradesh, registered under the I-CAN Network, decided to provide for assistance to the poor workers and labourers hit by the Covid induced lockdown. In their food distribution drive, Mr Pravesh Dwivedi, the head of the NGOs met with an old lady who had not had food for quite some time. She used to sell lemons from the local food market to sustain herself, but couldn’t do that in the lockdown. The NGO decided to help and provided her with a ration kit having 5 kg wheat flour, 5 kg rice, 2.5 kg yellow lentil, 1 kg salt, and 200 ml of mustard oil. So far, they have helped 750 such people in need.

CoWin Warrior Kulbhushan & Jayvardhan

The CoWin network registered the need of Chamkaur Singh, an engineering student studying at Bhopal, originally from Sonagiri. Chamkuar’s father ran a small vehicle’s repairing shop in Sonagiri. For the lockdown, Chamkaur singh and his brother living in a rented flat were not receiving remittances from home, their landlord, a retired BHEL employee living with his wife and indeed a gentleman, was supporting the two brother initially since the lockdown had begun but even he was now finding it hard to arrange basic necessities. Our team of warriors in Bhopal led by Veer, Chiman, Jayvardhan, Kulbhushan and others delivered ration and other essentials to the two boys in a day’s time.

CoWin Warrior Dhananjay

In Jagriti Nagar, Gotegaon M.P, many poor families of daily earners were sustaining the lockdown by consuming just grains as they couldn’t afford to buy other essentials to cook. Cowin warrior Dhananjay from Gotegaon was made aware of their condition. Soon enough their dire condition was made known to the local public representatives and social workers. By coordinating efficiently and with institutional support, it was ensured that vegetable packets were distributed, door to door, to 25 families in Jagrit nagar.

CoWin Warrior Subodh

Mr. Natranam Maharana is one among 70 poor labourers from Orissa, currently staying near Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Vidyavihar. These labourers did not have any money left to buy food or ration cards to get ration from govt stores. Co-Win warrior Subodh Dharaskar was apprised of their situation. Subodh with assistance from his friend and fellow Co-win Warrior, Amit Chavan connected Natranam Mahajan with an NGO by the name Bhavyata Foundation working near Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and VidyaVihar. Their efforts made sure that these 70 poor labourers receive food kits and ration and are able to feed themselves during this hardship.

CoWin Warrior Dhananjay

Our Cowin Warrior Dhananjay Gotegaon city, Narsinghpur M.P was contacted by his friend Sanjay over social media. Sanjay was in immediate need of medicines for a relative with a heart condition. Warrior Dhananjay immediately contacted a person in his network from Jabalpur, where the same medicine was available. Within 6 hour the medicine was brought from Jabalpur to Gotegaon town and delivered to Sanjay.

CoWin Warrior Tamal

Tamal Kishore from Moubhandar, East Singhbhum, Jharkahnd was concerned about the hardships that many rickshaw pullers and daily wagers in his area were having to face because of the lockdown. His friend told him about the I-CAN portal, he immediately joined the network and started working as a warrior. By identifying resources and coordinating with the local administration he ensured that cooked food was served to 115 people of the community who needed it in the lockdown.

CoWin Warrior Ramashish

Our Cowin warrior Ramashsish from Mosaboni block, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand noticed that many poor in his area were having to go hungry and were also being exposed to the virus because of not having proper shelter. He immediately entered their need on I-CAN and got to work, collecting resources to procure grains, masks and soap for the poor and distributing the same to around 60 people in need in that area.

CoWin Warrior Anirban

Many families of daily earners and casual labourers in Jorasanko, Kolkata were left with no means to earn and get food in wake of the COVID lockdown. Their plight was informed to CoWin warrior Anirban in Kolkata. He got in contact with Mr Sunil Harsh, President of Jorasanko Nabayubak Sangha. Mr Sunil and local youth volunteers of his organisation started work in the area distributing around 70 food packets daily since the lockdown. The coordination between his volunteers and our warriors ensured that these people were fed. Mr Sunil Harsh has also extended assistance to the people in the area by arranging ambulances, medicines for those in need and delivering groceries to senior citizens in the area, so far serving 563 people.

CoWin Warrior Suresh

In the Kottaudi village of Bodinayakkanur taluk, Theni, Tamil Nadu Mr Mumuyandi’s was in distress, being a daily wager he was unable to earn in the lockdown. His family had almost run out of food and his neighbours in the community were similarly poor and did not have enough to help his family for long. His need came on to the I-CAN portal and was immediately informed to R. Suresh, our cowin warrior in Theni, tamil nadu. On the same day he delivered ration and food articles including rice, fresh vegetables and salt, masala powder, to Mr Mumuyandi’s family.

CoWin Warrior Sagar

Sagar Pawar, our CoWin warrior from Thane, Maharashtra was crossing through a construction site at Uttan chowk in Thane and saw a few workers at the site. Being a warrior, he could not ignore what he saw and hence stopped to check on the labourers who were at the construction site. Upon initial inquiries he got know that as many 12 construction workers, mostly form West Bengal, were stuck at the site without food and money, because of the lockdown. Sagar instantly contacted his cousin to assist him in procuring food and ration for these people. The two them handed over food and ration supplies enough to last at least a month, which included, rice, flour, pulse and vegetables, to the migrant workers.

CoWin Warrior Gundu Pradvi

In Medak, Telengana labourers and self employed vendors were finding it hard to quench their hunger. This requirement was informed to CoWin warrior Gundu Prudvi Raj. He then coordinated with local political activists to distribute food to about 50 labourers and vendors from Medak.

CoWin Warrior Sreenivasulu

Our Co-Win warrior Sreenivasulu from Galiveedu, Cuddapah, Andhra Pradesh, was informed through I-CAN that many daily wagers in ST colony of Galiveedu were unable to procure food. He immediately arranged funds by contributing himself and asking his friends and family to contribute. Sreeni then procured rice and vegetables for 70 families of the ST colony and distributed the same to them, ensuring they can feed themselves during the lockdown.

CoWin Warrior Shashank

In Jharkhand’s Gumla district, 12 labourers were in desperate need of essential food articles. There need was submitted on the ICAN portal and then forwarded to our local warrior Shashank Raj in Gumla city. Upon receiving the information, Shashank started arranging food and staples for them. Many community members came forward for help upon his initiation and in no time essential food supplies were handed over to the 12 labourers.

CoWin Warrior Shipra

Co-Win waririor Shipra Tripathi was infromed about by her cook that around 10 families of laboueres in her locality of Aghaphur settlement (behind Nodia Sec. 40) were starving without food and regularly skipping meals. She immediate steeped in to help them at her own expense, procuring ration and staples for the 10 families and getting it delivered on that day itself.

CoWin Warrior Veer

Three familes in Indore, Madhya pradesh needed food and ration, and their requirement was posted on the ICAN portal. The central team forwarded the requiremnt to the local warrior in indore, Veer Singh. Warrior Veer coordinated with his friend Manjit Garg, to make sure food packets and ration is deliverd to the families of Promod Singh, Shivani Jain and Monti in Indore.

CoWin Warrior Harshil

Harshil Agrawal, cowin warrior from Chhatarpur, Madhya pradesh got the information through the ICAN portal regarding the urgent medical requirement for a female patient suffering from brain tumor posted by her son Ved, a local resident of Chhatarpur. They were not getting the required medicine locally, So Harshil made all the possible efforts to arrange the medicines for her. Within 3-4 days he managed to get the medicines from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh via a government ambulance which was returning after dropping a patient there, and delivered the same to Ved

CoWin Warrior Babu Miriyam

An NGO under the I-CAN network, the Global Human Rights Association (GHRA) in Hyderabad, Telengana was approached by Ms Mallika Reddy to provide food for the sweepers of Municipal corporation who were still working despite the lockdown. The 35 women sweepers (working on contract) used the clean a 3 Km stretch starting in the early hours of the morning and finishing around 7 am. Afterwards they used to get their breakfast roadside restaurants. For the lockdown there was no breakfast available and the women were force to go back hungry. On getting to know about it, Mr Babu Miriyam ~ a CoWin warrior himself, who run (GHRA) immediately responded and arranged food parcels of healthy breakfast from a home kitchen, which would be continue served till the lockdown continues.

CoWin warrior Ashutosh

Amidst the Corona shut down Soni jain from Agra, like many unorganized labourers, had ran out of money and ration to continue feeding her family. Her need for essential food items was informed to the network. Co-Win warriors from UP Aushutosh and Rohan coordinated with the UP team of volunteers and local administration to get ration supplies delivered to her house.

CoWin Warrior Kulbushan

Mr Modi from Sehore conatcted the ICAN netwrok regarding a medical emergency of his wife. His wife, a Cancer patient was in a very bad state and due to lockdown he was unable to reach Bhopal for her medical need. Our Co-Win warrior Kulbhushan was made about his need and he immediately spoke with the doctors in Bhopal and also contacted a private ambulance owner. After getting confirmation from both he contacted another Co-Win warrior Mr. Jayvardhan whose prompt coordination with authorities ensured the patient was successfully brought to Bhopal and her medical need addressed, within two hours.

CoWin Warrior Sumit

In Nowgoan, Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh, our CoWin Warrior Sumit Sullere along with his network of pasionate youth, has started a unquie endveour whereby they go from household to hosehold everyday to collect food supplies and use the same to feed the underpriviledged in there town. Because of this initaive of the warriors on ground, on one in Nowgoan goes to sleep hungry, even in time of this crisis.

CoWin Warriors Ankur

Co-Win Warriors Ankur was successful in connecting an NGO in Malkaganj, Delhi with the local police station which is running a daily food distribution distribution drive. The NGO could thus help more than 100 people of the area in geting essential food supplies.

CoWin Warrior Samina

33 familes of daily wagers in Dongri, Mumbai had ran out of food and money and were struugling to survive in the lockdown. Our Co-Win Warrior, Samina was infromed about them by a friend, she posted the need on ICAN and within no time was able to corrdinate with an NGO ~ The Hope Initiave, which then supplied food kits to all the familes in need.

CoWin Warrior Prashant

Three families of migrant laborers were stranded in Agra, without food or work. Co-Win Warrior Prashant Tyagi was made aware of their situation. He then coordinated with the local police authorities and delivered ration and food supplies to the three families, helping them survive in the lockdown.

CoWin Warrior Jayvardhan

Curfew has been enforced in Bhopal as the number of Covid-19 patients has increased. Mr Atul, who hails from Indore was stranded in LBS hospital in the Kohe-E-Fiza area with his family and they hadn’t had food since last day as all food supplies were down and stores closed. One of his family members contacted a CoWin Warrior Vinod Kucheriya in Indore to help in getting cooked food for his family in the hospital. The matter was comunicated to Anurag Madhav and Jayvardhan Joshi, CoWin Warriors in Bhopal. They reached out to a personal contacts of the area Mr Faiz, a mobile shop owner and shared with him the details of the stranded family. He then met Mr Atul at a comman meeting point and deliverd cooked food and ration to him.

CoWin Warrior Kulbhushan

Kulbhushan Yadav, a Co-Win warrior from Bhopal, M.P. received information about Mr Vishal khatri from Sehore, regarding a medical emergency of his father. His father is patient of Autoimmune Hepatitis and was asked to visit the doctor for regular medical checkups. Due to lockdown he was unable to reach the hospital located in Bhopal and had almost lost his consciousness due to the incomplete medication. Kulbushan spoke with the doctors in Bhopal and also contacted a private Ambulance owner. After getting confirmation from both he contacted another Co-Win warrior Mr. Jayvardhan Joshi whose prompt coordination with authorities ensured the patient was successfully brought to Bhopal, his medical need addressed and finally he was dropped back to Sehore with the same Ambulance.

CoWin warrior Raju Das

Our Co-Win warrior Mr Raju Das from Hoogly, West Bengal gained awareness that many poor in his Haripal vidhan sabha area were unable to feed themselves in the lockdown. He immediately coordinated with other Co-Win warriors of the city and political activists in that area. In time, enough ration and essentials, which included rice, pulses, potatoes, oil and biscuits etc, were procured by this network of people. Thus, 110 families from Haripal area in Hoogly, who were in desperate need could be provided with ration.

CoWin Warrior Utkarsh

Our Co-Win Warrior Utkarsh, from Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh got information about that Munni, a pregnant women, as her family were in immediate need of ration and staples, her husband was a daily earner and they had no money to buy ration. Utkarsh instantly contacted the local police office and the officers were kind enough to provide relief to the family in distress.

CoWin Warrior Rohan

A need was posted on the Co-Win network that Bipin kumar and his family of 4 were stuck without food in Sector 21 Nodia. Bipin was the only bread-earner and the lockdown meant that his daily wage earnings vanished. The requirement was immediately forworded to our Co-Win warrior Rohan Mahajan form UP who made sure that the food was delivered to the family, through the government’s food relief aid.

CoWin Warrior Rohan

Rohan, a CoWin Warrior, got to know about a family of six in Noida, facing scarcity of food and lacked money to buy any supplies as they were daily wage workers. Rohan quickly tapped into our ICAN Network and reached out to a contact from Noida sec 105, who agreed to procure flour, rice, oil and spices for the family and then delivered it to them immediately.

CoWin Warrior Rutuja

CoWin Warrior, Ms. Rutuja came to know that 20 residents of a chawl in the suburb of Jogeshwari and around 25 people in Powai, Mumbai are struggling for food and ration. She used all her contacts and tried to get in touch NGOs, social and religious institutions and foundations. With help from her cousin, she finally got in touch with Mr. Vivek who happened to be the nephew of the local MLA and was providing food relief to those in need in the areas of Andheri, Jogeshwari, Gorai and Powai. Through him, people stranded in both Jogeshwari and Powai are now getting food and ration.

CoWin Warrior Vidhi

Ms. Vidhi Doshi, a CoWin volunteer in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, identified 100 families who did not have any food or ration to support themselves. With her dedicated efforts, she was able to coordinate with Ratnanidhi, an NGO working for the similar cause in Ghatkopar Dadar and Matunga, which has pledged to provide Khichdi containers of 450ml each to all the 100 families till the period of lockdown.

CoWin Warrior Bharat

Jansharam NGO in Faridabad, needed resources to feed the poor and came in contact with our Co-Win Warrior Bharat. By coordinating with Aarohana NGO and Zomato Feeding India, delivery of 780 kg of wheat and 160 kg of pulses was made to Jansharam NGO which would sustain the lives of 200 homeless and daily wage earners.

CoWin Warrior Hrishi

CoWin Warrior Hrishi Jaiswal, got to know that 100 individuals consisting of daily wage workers and senior citizens in Dharavi, Mumbai needed urgent food assistance. Through a friend named Rishabh, Hrishi connected to Roti Bank, which is an NGO working to feed the hungry, to extend their help for the 100 people.With ground support from Rishabh and food supply from Roti Bank, the team was able to provide food relief to more than 100 people who were in distress.

CoWin Warrior Anirudh

An NGO working on the border of Noida and Ghaziabad was supplying food to around 1000 daily wage workers and homeless people in the area. However, because of the restricted supply chain these people were facing a shortage of raw materials. Our volunteer Anirudh got information about this and helped the NGO connect with another community kitchen in Nodia. The two are now working together as the community kitchen prepares the food for these 1000 people and the NGO distributes it to them, ensuring they are fed.

CoWin Warrior Rohit

Rohit Singh, a CoWin Warrior from Vidisha MP, got to know about Mr. Radheshyam, a heart patient in his area who required medicines from Bhopal as the same were not available in the city. He reached out to his friend Jayvardhan who in turn forwarded the requirement to an acquaintance Dhananjay in Bhopal. He gave the needed medicines to a daily traveler Mr. Bhupendra who delivered the same to Radheshyam Ji.

CoWin Warriors Mehjabeen and Mohammad

Ms. Mehjabeen from Road no. 8, Malad, Malvani in Mumbai was seeking help to feed 30 underprivileged families in her area and thus connected with Our CoWin Warrior Mohammad Aqeeb. To help her Mohammad got in touch with Robin Hood Army, an NGO which closely works with the homeless children, with support from a friend and got the required ration and food delivered for the 30 families. He also gave information about government schemes and the food distribution drive by the local MLA Mr. Aslam Sheikh in Malad to her, so that the 30 families are able to support themselves without further help.

CoWin Warrior Milind

During the orientation call about ICAN, our CoWin Warrior Mr Milind got informed about a live need posted by Mr Abishek deshmukh. Four people in Thane had not had food for days and were hungry. Milind immediately called his nephew and got home cooked food delivered to those people. Within no time of joining the network he was able to make a difference.

CoWin Warrior Muskan

In Soniya Camp, a settlement area in Delhi, families of daily wagers were struggling to procure meals or ration. Muskan, a volunteer, learned about the issues and through the ICAN portal connected with Mr. Sanjeev Chaudhary who was helping people by supplying cooked food. He agreed to supply cooked food boxes for 50 families thus feeding more than 200 hungry people in Soniya camp

CoWin Warrior Pradeep

In the distant village of Kakarua, of Silwani Tehsil, Raisen, M.P a women named Satyanarayan Birba was struggling to sustain her young children amidst the lockdown. A widow with her elder son, away training with the army had no financial support. Cowin Warrior Pardeep got to know about the lack of ration in her house. He himself bought enough of all esential food supplies for her and got it delivered to her village eight kilometers away from his.

CoWin Warrior Rajan PT

A group of Migrant workers stuck in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu had run out of food supplies and had nothing left to cook for themselves. Mr Rajan, our Cowin Warrior and his network of do-gooders got information regarding this. Within four hours these people procured Rice and Flour (50 kgs each) Pulses, Oil and vegetables and delivered the same to Akash Chandra, one of the workers from Kharagpur, West Bengal.

CoWin Warrior Maneesh
Co-Win Warrior, Mumbai

Maneesh, a Cowin Warrior gained knowledge about Ms. Sushila Chinamma, a resident of Matunga labour Camp near Masjid. She had run out of ration and food and was with no money to support herself. Using the ICAN network Maneesh made sure that Ms. Sushila was provided with a food kit that would conveniently last for her for 15 days.

CoWin Warriors Hrishi and Babu
Co-Win Warrior, Mumbai

About 36 families of mainly daily wage workers in Kurla, Mumbai were struggling for food with no source of income to earn their daily bread. Our volunteer Hrishi gor to know about their plight and through social media network got in touch with Mr. Faizan and his brother Mr. Babu, who are working in the crowded slums of Kurla, helping in whatever way they can, mostly at their own expenses. Mr. Faizan and Mr. Babu helped in providing food kits to the 36 families which would help them sustain till the end of the lockdown, ensuring that no one among them goes hungry to bed.

CoWin Warrior Vidhi
Co-Win Warrior, Mumbai

Mr. Monal from Ghatkopar in the central suburbs of Mumbai, wanted to provide food kits and ration to the needy in this crisis. Our Co-win Warrior Vidhi connected Mr.Monal with an NGO named Sanghamitra working with homeless people in Goregaon thus 15 families got food kits consisting of daal, rice, sugar and salt and were able to feed themsleves.