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G S Sumith
Asarapalli Dharani Sandhya &M Avinash Reddy

G S Sumith, Asarapalli Dharani Sandhya, A Dharani Sandhya and M Avinash Reddy, participants in the Y4AB challenge, identified the challenge of income generation among 4 women in their nearby locality. The team helped the women set-up the initial food processing initiative by helping them with quality food processing, operational and financial management, and marketing strategies. The women prepared their first batch of sweets and sold the proceeds by earning a profit of Rs.2425/-. The women beneficiaries worked on setting up the initial supply chain for selling the proceeds to local retailers from the locality. The women are now working on scaling the business and adding more products in their food catalog and will work on taking bulk orders.

The team from Hyderabad has made 4 women beneficiaries Atmanirbhar by supporting them to create livelihood opportunities.
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Navneet Rastogi

Mr. Navneet Rastogi was working in retail since 2012. His life was going very smoothly, getting promotion time to time. But, due to COVID-19, he lost his job, his savings, but not his confidence. Whole year, he barely managed to survive with his little kid and wife. He tried hard to find a job but couldn’t get any positive response from anywhere.
I-CAN Atmanirbhar Bharat Prerak Navneet Rastogi tried his best to do something before his savings were gone. He decided that business was the best option, and to realise his dreams, he did a little research of the local market, understood what the requirements were and decided to do business on retail and wholesale level.
Now with his efforts, he has started both wholesale and retail businesses unde “Kids Collection” with his 12 years of experience in Badaun since 14th January 2021.
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Priya Mandviwala
Surat, Gujarat

Our Changemaker Priya Mandviwala has collected the challenges of Vaishali Shaileshkumar Mandviwala from Gujarat. She is from a lower middle class family. But due to pandemic, she has been facing issues for her daily expenses and to sustain her family.

She needs support to find an alternative to earn a living and support her family.
At I-CAN’s Y4AB Programme we are aiming to provide her the required support and a means to fulfil her daily needs.

Poorviben Badkas
Surat, Gujarat

Our Changemaker Poorviben Badkas has collected the challenges of Meena Bhagirath from Gujarat. She is running a small scale business but due to the pandemic the business is not performing well. They supply Roti (Chapati) To local Food Laari. They need some funding and support for expansion for their business.

She needs support to sustain and expand her business. They also need support to create demand for their products.

Khushi Gupta
Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Our Changemaker Khushi Gupta has collected the challenges of Laxmi Ji from Orissa. She doesn’t have the means for sending her children to school to receive a quality education.

She needs support for her children to get the basic requirement of education and be able to allow them for higher studies also.

Abhinash Kumar

Abhinash Kumar has collected the challenges of Shivam Verma who Dreams to have better employment and living conditions in their community. He aims to provide access to education facilities and help in increasing the literacy rate in the community.

As a part of Y4AB Training, our changemakers are understanding the importance of challenge collection, how to collect challenges with precautions of the communities in their nearby locality.

We wish our changemaker Abhinash Kumar luck to help Shivam Verma and his community to solve the challenges.

Vivek Patel
Bharuch, Gujarat

Our Changemaker Vivek Patel, Kevin Chauhan, Neha Jangid have collected the challenges of Raksha Mukesh Sharma from Gujrat. Raksha Ji is an artist who owns a small business in Gujarat. Their business has been hampered due to the pandemic and needs support to grow and make it sustainable. They need support in creating brand awareness of their products and market linkage for their products.

At I-CAN’s Y4AB Programme we are aiming to help local businesses create income opportunities to grow their business and sustain during the times of the pandemic.

We wish our changemaker Vivek Patel to help Raksha Mukesh Sharma to help her expand her business.

Beemanapelli Akhila
Bhupalpally, Telagana

Our Changemaker Beemanapelli Akhila has collected the challenges of Chennaboina Malleshwari from Telangana. Despite the fact that she is educated still she needs to work as an daily wage worker to fulfill her as well as family requirements.

She needs support to find better employment opportunities and use her education to become independent.

We wish our changemaker Beemanapelli Akhila to help Chennaboina Malleshwari to achieve his goals.

Rishab Singh
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Our Changemaker Rishab Singh has collected the challenges of Manish Annadsula from Maharashtra. Manish’s business has been affected during the pandemic and has impacted his income. Manish is looking for opportunities to increase the level of his business. He needs support to scale his business.

We wish our changemaker Rishab Singh to help Manish Annadsula to achieve his goals.

Pradeep Semil
Morena, Madya Pradesh

Our Changemaker Pradeep Semil has collected the challenges of Anju Semil from Madya Pradesh. She is unemployed but has a vision for her life to open a school and empower the people with the power of education. She helps needy people.
She needs support to turn her vision into reality.
We wish our changemaker Pradeep Semi to help Anju Semil to achieve her goals.